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New article at Bitch Flicks

It’s been quiet over here, but that’s because I’ve been busy at work on other projects, like this one!

My first article for Bitch Flicks is up. Please check it out!

Slashing Gender Assumptions: The Female Killer, Unmasked! 

Friday 1

Review – Under the Skin (dir. Jonathan Glazer, 2013)

under the skin In my mind, this movie has already earned a place in the canon of science fiction films. Under the Skin does what sci-fi does best: holds up a mirror to humanity and makes it alien. Like the best sci-fi, Under the Skin isn’t about far off worlds or people, but the ones that populate this earth. I don’t mean great sci-fi narratives have to be about Earth at all – far from it. Rather, after watching or reading great sci-fi, you look at our world differently, whether or not what you’ve just experienced had anything to do with this galaxy or another one entirely.  Read the rest of this entry »